‘LayerZero Airdrop Snapshot Successfully Completed, ZRO Token Launch Imminent’

LayerZero has reached a significant milestone in its journey towards launching its native token, ZRO, with the completion of its first airdrop snapshot on May 1. This snapshot will determine the allocation of ZRO tokens to eligible participants upon the official launch scheduled for the first half of 2024, as confirmed by LayerZero Labs. The DeFi community has been buzzing with excitement over this development, with decentralized exchanges already showing anticipation for the upcoming token.

Hyperliquid, known as the world’s largest perps DEX, is currently trading a perpetual futures contract for ZRO at .4, indicating a fully diluted valuation of around billion for the ZRO token. While the LayerZero airdrop presents an exciting opportunity, there are concerns about the potential impact of Sybil users who participate solely to sell the rewards without engaging with the protocol long-term.

Past airdrops, such as those of Starknet and Arbitrum, have faced similar challenges with Sybil users. In February, Starknet’s eligibility list was dominated by Sybil users, while in March 2023, airdrop hunters accumulated millions worth of tokens from the Arbitrum airdrop, leading to a subsequent price decline.

The launch of the ZRO token within the LayerZero protocol is highly anticipated, especially on decentralized exchanges. The successful completion of the airdrop snapshot is a crucial step towards this goal, with excitement building within the DeFi community as the official launch draws closer. However, addressing concerns about Sybil users and ensuring fair distribution will be essential for the success and sustainability of the protocol as it moves forward with its token launch.