Lamborghini boss Stephen Winkelmann has revealed the firm’s future battery-electric vehicles won’t just offer extraordinary levels of performance but will also be designed to maximize their emotional appeal, just like the firm’s EVs.

The Italian marque will first venture into the world of EVs in 2028 with a production version of the Lanzador GT crossover and then expand into the world of electric supercars. During a recent interview with Autocar, Winkelmann noted the firm’s engineers are working on a wide variety of EVs and that while it’s important for them to be very powerful, they will also have plenty of substance.

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 Lamborghini’s EVs Will Have Over 1,300 HP But Still Offer Emotional Driving Thrills, Says Brand’s Boss
Lamborghini Lanzador Concept

“The fact of the numbers is important,” he told the publication. “For power output, we are talking about at least one megawatt [1341bhp]. This is for sure. This is one of the pillars of measurement for the performance of tomorrow when it comes to full electric. [But] much more important than these facts and figures for Lamborghini is how you feel in the car.”

“Performance is divided into two,” Winkelmann continued. “One part is acceleration, top speed, lap time and braking behavior but this has to be translated into an emotional side and every customer who drives a Lamborghini acknowledges that there is this emotional part of a Lamborghini – and this has to be translated in electric cars.”

Winkelmann went on to state that he is pushing the firm’s engineers to develop EVs that combine “repeated acceleration” with “top speed and range,” describing efforts to achieve all three as “almost ‘mission impossible’.”

There’s plenty to look forward to before Lamborghini goes all-in on EVs. The successor to the Huracan is just around the corner and we know it will ditch the current model’s naturally-aspirated V10 in favor of a twin-turbocharged V8 supplemented by a hybrid system, likely similar to those of the Revuelto. A plug-in hybrid version of the Urus is also in Lamborghini’s plans.

 Lamborghini’s EVs Will Have Over 1,300 HP But Still Offer Emotional Driving Thrills, Says Brand’s Boss