KuCoin Donated $100,000 to Support Meaningful Causes, Embracing Sustainable Development and Charity through Cryptocurrency> Dr. Anita Nana Okuribido, representative of Smiling Simone Greenbuild Foundation and Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin (Photo: Business Wire) Dr. Padmini Murthy, Global Health Lead of American Medical Women’s Association and NGO Representative to United Nations and Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin (Photo: Business Wire) Thomas Gehl, Vice Chairman of Global CSR Foundation (Photo: Business Wire) Jing Zhao Cesarone, CEO of Global CSR Foundation (Photo: Business Wire) H.E. Ann Marie Davis, the First Lady of the Common Wealth of Bahamas (Photo: Business Wire) (Photo: Business Wire)

(BUSINESS WIRE)–In alignment with the goals of the COP28 United Nations Climate Conference, KuCoin was proud to announce its donation of $100,000 to three organizations namely Global CSR Foundation, American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and African Children’s Solar Lamp Project during the “KuCoin Green Future Gala Dinner” held on December 4th in the Spice Ballroom at the Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was attended by 200 guests from various countries who enjoyed participating in this momentous event.

This philanthropic gesture is KuCoin’s commitment to pledging support for social welfare initiatives, while positioning the exchange as a pioneer in promoting sustainable development within the industry. As the “People’s Exchange,” KuCoin is working to promote its corporate social responsibility globally. During the event, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu delivered a heartwarming speech on the importance of promoting social welfare as an industry leader. He announced the donation to the three impactful charity initiatives to further highlight their commitment, the projects include Climate Change CSR project by Global CSR Foundation American Medical Women’s Association Menstrual Equity Project and African Children’s Solar Lamp Project by Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation.

In addition, H.E. Ann Marie Davis, the First Lady of the Common Wealth of Bahamas, Jing Zhao Cesarone, CEO of Global CSR Foundation, Dr. Padmini Murthy, NGO Representative of American Medical Women’s Association to the United Nations, Dr. Anita Nana Okuribido, the representative of Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation addressed the gathering and highlighted the collective ways society can contribute to promoting sustainability and a greener future.

KuCoin’s supported initiatives include:

1. Climate Change CSR Initiative: This project is committed to providing basic health protection for pregnant women, infants and children around the world and protecting them from the threats of pollution, deadly diseases and extreme weather caused by climate change. Through our collective efforts, we hope to provide a healthy and worry-free living environment for every pregnant woman and child in the world.

2. American Medical Women’s Association Menstrual Equity Project: This project is dedicated to helping young girls and women from socially disadvantaged communities globally to continue their studies and daily life with dignity and confidence, opening a new chapter for their future. Stay tuned to learn how this program changes lives and helps women move toward a better future.

3. African Children’s Solar Lamp Project: This project is dedicated to providing solar lights to school-age children in rural areas of Africa so that they can continue learning at night and illuminate their future. Not only do these lamps have a profound impact on children’s education, they are also part of our progress towards the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Johnny Lyu, in his opening remarks, indicated “The reason why KuCoin hosted the event during the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 at Dubai, is because we believe the common goal is to collaborate on building a greener future together.” He believes that cryptocurrency is the future of finance, meanwhile, children are the future of humanity. Beyond the initial donation of $100,000, KuCoin will pledge to join forces in combating climate change, advocating for promoting children’s health and education and sustainable development, through positive partnerships in creating a better future for humanity.

The KuCoin Green Future Gala Dinner was much more than just a gathering, it inspired conversations and embodied a powerful act of communal philanthropy. In addition the event created a platform in bringing together diverse stakeholders to work on bringing about a positive change in the global community.

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