“King Charles Reveals Special Gift from Prince Louis, Prompting Response from Natural History Museum”

The internet went wild recently when a post on the museum’s official social media account asked, “Who wore it best?” alongside a picture of King Charles wearing a tie identical to the one worn by the in-house animatronic T. Rex. The post humorously suggested that one of them would have to change their outfit, with a poll declaring Charles as the winner by a landslide.

Even the official Royal Family account joined in on the fun, re-tweeting the post with a simple yet playful “Rex-cellent choice” followed by two dinosaur emojis.

Fans of the royal family were delighted to see King Charles back out in public, especially when sporting a tie that paid homage to the king of the dinosaurs. The post quickly gained attention online, proving that a little humor and creativity can go a long way in engaging audiences.