‘Jungwoo from NCT sweetly reassures fans following his LASIK eye surgery’

NCT member Jungwoo has been winning over fans with his open and friendly communication style, keeping them in the loop about important events in his life. Earlier this month, Jungwoo sent a Bubble message letting fans know he was at the eye doctor’s, sparking concern among his dedicated followers.

However, Jungwoo quickly reassured his fans by sharing that it was nothing serious and that he was just undergoing a routine check-up for LASIK surgery. The idol’s genuine and caring attitude towards his fans was evident as he expressed how touched he was by their worries.

On March 27, Jungwoo updated fans again, this time letting them know that he was undergoing LASIK surgery that day. He promised to return once the procedure was completed. The following day, on March 28, Jungwoo happily announced his return, sharing that his world was now much clearer after the surgery.

Fans have been appreciative of Jungwoo’s updates and his willingness to share such personal moments with them, further solidifying the strong bond between the idol and his supporters. With his warm and relatable demeanor, Jungwoo continues to establish himself as not just an entertainer but also a trusted friend to his fans.