Joint Effort Required to Increase Availability of CAR T-Cell Therapy for LBCL

Collaboration between treatment centers and community partners is essential for increasing access to cutting-edge CAR T cell therapy for patients with large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL), as highlighted by Dr. David L. Porter. During the 2024 Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Meetings, Dr. Porter, the director of Cell Therapy and Transplant at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, discussed the outcomes of a community oncologist roundtable focused on developing a framework for CAR T-cell consultation, specifically for those with LBCL.

Dr. Porter stressed the importance of early referral of patients to treatment centers for CAR T cell therapy. The roundtable participants introduced the motto “If they RECUR, you should refer,” emphasizing the need to identify suitable patients for CAR T-cell consultation as soon as possible.

In a transcript of the discussion, Dr. Porter emphasized the significance of collaboration between academic and community centers to ensure seamless patient care. He underscored the need for close communication between academic and community physicians to facilitate patient access to treatment centers and support their return to community practices. Early referral was highlighted as a crucial factor in facilitating access to and effectiveness of CAR T cell therapy.

By promoting teamwork between treatment centers and community partners, Dr. Porter believes that more patients can benefit from this ground-breaking therapy. The emphasis on early referral and collaboration between academic and community centers can significantly enhance patient access to revolutionary CAR T cell therapy.