Investment of M in British digital wallet Zeal by Gnosis

Gnosis, a leading blockchain platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Zeal, a UK-based digital wallet designed to streamline all aspects of your financial life. The collaboration aims to enhance the accessibility of cryptocurrencies for everyday users.

Gnosis is known for allowing users to create prediction markets for various future events or outcomes, enabling participants to trade tokens representing different potential results. The Gnosis Chain is characterized by community ownership, resilience, and credible neutrality, with over 200,000 validators and 2,000 nodes spread across 70 countries and 5 continents.

As part of the partnership, Gnosis is making a significant investment of million into Zeal. Combined with Zeal’s previous seed funding round of million, this brings the total funding for Zeal to million. This strategic alliance will focus on developing solutions to empower individuals to seamlessly incorporate self-custodied cryptocurrencies into their daily transactions as effortlessly as using traditional cash.

Friederike Ernst, a representative from Gnosis, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Zeal marks the first of many steps towards realizing a shared vision for the future of crypto-powered payments that eliminate user experience barriers. We are excited to work with Zeal to drive the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

Hannes Graah from Zeal echoed this sentiment, saying, “Gnosis is a well-aligned partner with a common goal of making cryptocurrencies a practical part of people’s daily lives. We are committed to creating innovative products that provide real value to users while upholding the core principles of the crypto movement.”