Innovative Prepaid Card Launched in UAE

In a strategic collaboration set to transform digital payments in the UAE, du Pay and Visa have teamed up to introduce a cutting-edge prepaid card. This partnership solidifies du Pay’s position as a principal member authorized to issue Visa cards, showcasing its commitment to digital empowerment and financial inclusivity. Through the user-friendly du Pay app, customers can easily order their du Pay Visa prepaid cards, whether in digital or physical form, providing them with secure and widely accepted payment options at their fingertips.

By tapping into Visa’s expertise, du Pay aims to enrich its suite of financial solutions by tailoring them more closely to consumer preferences and lifestyles. This integration is set to enhance the du Pay platform, offering users a range of new features and services to elevate their payment experience.

Nicolas Levi, CEO of du Pay, expressed his excitement about the partnership’s potential impact, emphasizing their joint mission to empower underserved communities in the UAE. He stated, “Our collaboration with Visa is geared towards simplifying payment processes and enhancing security to promote financial inclusion and make digital empowerment accessible to all.”

Salima Gutieva, Visa’s VP and Country Manager for UAE, underscored the importance of extending digital commerce benefits to a broader audience through the du Pay Visa prepaid card. She mentioned, “With this partnership, we are enabling more UAE consumers to enjoy the perks of digital transactions, aligning with Visa’s dedication to supporting the UAE government’s initiatives for financial inclusion through innovative and secure payment solutions.”

With a focus on providing user-friendly and secure payment solutions, the du Pay-Visa partnership aims to reshape the digital payments landscape. By offering easily accessible financial services, the collaboration contributes to broader efforts for financial inclusion, empowering communities and driving digital transformation in the UAE.