‘I Need More Mixed Reality Chatbots Like This Spatial GPT App’

Horizon Workrooms may not have been the groundbreaking work revolution we anticipated, but the integration of mixed-reality chatbots in virtual reality could be the innovation we’ve been waiting for. Noda, an app that merges its AI chatbot with a virtual workspace, offers a more intuitive way to approach creative work.

AI chatbots have found their way into various aspects of our lives, but combining them with a mixed-reality environment makes perfect sense. Communicating with a generative AI-powered chatbot and being able to pin thoughts in a virtual space creates a more efficient working experience in VR. Noda compares this interaction to Tony Stark conversing with Jarvis, who helps outline projects as you work on them.

Similar to text-based chatbots, Noda’s AI can provide instant responses to your queries. However, Noda takes it a step further by organizing these responses into nodes that you can expand upon or save for later. This structure allows for a multifaceted conversation where you can address different topics simultaneously through Noda’s app.

Once the nodes are created, users can manipulate them in virtual space using hand gestures. This allows for the organization of nodes into a network or storyboard, bringing order to fleeting thoughts. Additionally, collaborative group sessions are possible with Noda, offering a more dynamic (or chaotic) approach to teamwork.

Noda is already available on the Meta store and is compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets. The app operates on a freemium model, with an optional Noda Plus subscription priced at .99 per month, offering additional features like unlimited cloud services.

As the technology behind generative AI chatbots continues to advance, it’s likely that Noda will face competition from other developers keen on incorporating AI into virtual reality environments. Meta, known for its dedication to AI development, may also revisit Horizon Workspaces with a more practical AI chatbot in the future. The possibilities for enhanced productivity and creativity in virtual reality seem endless with innovations like Noda on the horizon.