How to make ChatGPT read responses aloud on iPhone, Android, and PC

Back in September, OpenAI launched support for voice and picture ChatGPT prompts on iPhone and Android. The feature became available for ChatGPT users on the free plan a couple of months later. Talking to ChatGPT is very easy to do. Just tap the headphones and start talking. The chatbot will respond to you accordingly. 

But wouldn’t it be great if ChatGPT could also read past responses aloud? It’s certainly the kind of feature I’d appreciate while I might be out and about and chatting with ChatGPT. OpenAI just released a “Read Aloud” feature, and I could have used it while traveling to Barcelona, Spain, for MWC 2024 last week.

It’s incredibly easy to use Read Aloud on iPhone and Android. Just go into a conversation, tap and hold the message you want ChatGPT to read to you, and then choose the Read Aloud button. You can see Read Aloud in action in OpenAI’s tweet announcing the feature. 

I can confirm it’s active on my iPhone. Like I said, I would have used it last weekend. I hit a couple of history museums in Barcelona. And I had questions. Normally, I’d look for answers online during a break or when I return home. But now that generative AI is here, I can just ask ChatGPT about it. That’s what I did. 

The chatbot promptly answered my questions and all the followups. But one of these interactions happened on my iPhone while I was boarding a plane. That meant I asked questions and let ChatGPT do its thing while I was doing mine. I’d read the replies when I could. I then kept going back and forth with the chatbot about the topic at hand.