‘How do AI-driven NPCs handle dynamic player interactions?’

Ubisoft made a significant announcement during the Game Developers Conference in 2024, unveiling NEO NPCs, a revolutionary technology powered by generative AI that enhances in-game conversations and player interactions with non-playable characters. The NEO NPC project is a product of collaboration between Ubisoft developers and Inworld AI, providing a large language model (LLM) for NEO NPCs. This enables developers to craft characters with unique backgrounds, personalities, and attitudes. Nvidia is also a part of this project, contributing its Audio2Face technology to animate NEO NPCs in real time.

Although NEO NPC technology is in its early stages, a playable demo was showcased at the conference to demonstrate its capabilities. The demo featured three scenarios where players engaged with NEO NPCs in real-time conversations, received responses, and progressed through objectives based on the interactions. In the first scenario, players learned about a character named Bloom, shared their own background, and gathered information about the resistance group they were part of. The interactive nature of the NEO NPCs allowed for emotional responses and tailored interactions.

In the second scenario, players watched a video feed with Bloom showcasing the NPC’s ability to react to the game’s environment and engage in specific conversations. The third scenario involved planning an operation with a new NPC named Iron, offering insights into the operation goals through structured dialogue options.

Ubisoft’s narrative team ensures that NEO NPCs adhere to the lore and story of the game, providing a curated experience for players. Xavier Manzanares, a producer on the NEO NPC project, emphasized the importance of integrating technology with design and innovation to enhance gameplay experiences. The project involves a team of about 30 individuals from Ubisoft studios.

Narrative director Virginie Mosser highlighted the role of NEO NPCs in enriching storytelling and character development, while Kylan Gibbs, CEO of Inworld AI, discussed the boundaries that designers establish for NPCs to maintain a consistent narrative and safe gameplay experience. Currently, there are no specific plans for implementing NEO NPCs in upcoming Ubisoft games. It is evident that NEO NPCs are shaping the future of interactive storytelling and player engagement in the gaming industry.