Helping young girls explore STEM through Project Scientist

Young girls from the La Crosse area are delving into the exciting world of science and engineering through the Summer Steam Lab Program. Led by the nonprofit organization Project Scientist, girls aged 7-12 are immersing themselves in hands-on STEM activities aimed at inspiring their interest in these fields.

Project Scientist La Crosse Site Director, Robin DeClercq, emphasizes the importance of encouraging young girls to explore science, saying, “The research shows that there’s a significant gap between women and men in STEM fields. Project Scientist aims to bridge that gap by fostering a love for science and technology at a young age.”

Trane Technologies, a supporter of the program, has been hosting the initiative in La Crosse for several years. Thermal System Engineer, Katie Vuich, expresses the company’s delight in witnessing the students’ enthusiasm for STEM education. Vuich highlights Trane’s commitment to uplifting students in the community and providing them with exposure to STEM-related activities and career opportunities.

The young participants are engaging in various activities such as 3D printing, acoustics labs, and packaging tests, all designed to spark their curiosity and creativity. One student shared her passion for science, stating, “I want to be a scientist when I’m older because I enjoy conducting experiments and participating in Project Scientist.”

The Project Scientist Program in La Crosse is the only annual initiative of its kind in the Coulee Region. The after-school programs began on Monday and will continue until the end of the week, offering girls a unique and inspiring opportunity to explore the wonders of science and engineering.

Overall, the Summer Steam Lab Program is making a significant impact on young girls in La Crosse, empowering them to pursue their interests in STEM and potentially carve out successful careers in these fields.