‘HashKing Joins Value DEX in Exciting Partnership’

Value DEX made a significant announcement on social media platform X, revealing that HashKing has joined their platform. HashKing, a decentralized staking protocol focusing on Ethereum (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL), offers users transparent, trusted, and secure staking services to help them discover the best strategies.

The collaboration with HashKing brings advanced staking features to the Value DEX platform. Utilizing the HashKing Aggregator smart contract, users can benefit from unique off-chain algorithms to create personalized staking strategies. Additionally, HashKing introduces the Validator NFT feature, allowing users to stake 32 ETH to receive a free-to-trade NFT representing their validator status. This NFT also provides a way for users to earn passive income, access exclusive features, and build community connections.

The partnership between HashKing and Value DEX is aimed at enhancing DeFi capabilities and shaping the future of staking and decentralized finance communities. By leveraging the combined capabilities of both platforms, users will have access to secure and effective systems for utilizing their digital assets.

As a cross chain, multi-chain decentralized exchange supporting multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains and Solana, Value DEX is expanding its platform through the integration with HashKing. This collaboration will provide users with additional opportunities to optimize their staking rewards and improve their overall DeFi experience.