Google Finally Launches its Gemini App for Android and iOS Devices

Google’s been busy lately – alongside the launch of its new Gemini Advanced AI, the company also unveiled the Gemini app for Android and iOS devices, which will initially be available for users in the United States. The app lets users access Gemini’s many AI capabilities via speech or typed prompts, and ask for help in composing messages, generate images, and more.

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For Android users, Gemini’s generative AI features will be accessible through the Gemini app itself, or via the Google Assistant app. Additionally, users will be able to access Gemini from where they usually activate Google Assistant. Google Assistant features including smart home control functions, as well as other voice commands will be available via Gemini.

Meanwhile, iOS users will be able to access Gemini via the Google app for iPhone in the coming weeks. For iPhone, users can simply tap on the Gemini toggle to chat, generate images, compose written posts, and more. Gemini arrives for mobile devices in the U.S. (in English) starting today, with planned support for more locations in English, Japanese and Korean, as well as more countries and languages soon.

Source: Google