Goliath Technologies Introduces Game-Changing AI to Address IT Resource Challenges

Goliath Technologies announced the general availability of Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1.1, bringing AI into the service of IT Administrators to address the need for additional Citrix and Horizon expertise.

The latest version of Goliath Performance Monitor introduces an industry-first AI troubleshooting assistant known as KIP, changing the game for IT support teams who require but are lacking enough Citrix or Horizon technical resources to keep up with end user support issues. Through the power of AI, IT Generalists can draw from deep Citrix and Horizon knowledge and troubleshooting guidance earlier in the escalation path, freeing up IT Admins and Architects to work on higher value strategic initiatives.

“With Goliath’s software in place, we didn’t have to hire more staff to manage our environment, it was like we added a whole team with a single tool,” says Brian Diamond, CEO of LANStatus.

KIP allows IT support to spend less time switching between software platforms and knowledgebase articles or internet searches. Not only does it provide Citrix troubleshooting assistance, it also provides guidance for operational use of the Goliath platform. Expanded access to troubleshooting platforms like Goliath can expose additional knowledge gaps for less seasoned support staff. Leveraging the power of AI, Goliath eliminates that gap to effectively democratize both Citrix troubleshooting and Goliath platform knowledge across the IT support organization.

Kris Davis, Citrix Technology Advocate, states, “KIP is a great AI tool to assist in resolving user issues found in the Goliath console as well as helping me find anything I may need in the console. It can also assist in any part of the configuration that you run into without having to go searching on Google or other KB articles. It allows me to stay in the console and focused on what I am doing.”

Goliath’s latest release includes a host of additional features all designed to help IT be more proactive and improve the ability to anticipate end user issues before they happen, troubleshoot them quickly when they do, and provide objective documentation so that permanent remediations can be implemented. This includes making it easier for organizations leveraging ChromeOS devices in their environment to correlate device health and performance telemetry with end user session data to quickly identify if the device performance is impacting the end user experience. Google has partnered exclusively with Goliath to provide this end-to-end visibility.

In support of the latest release as well as Goliath’s upcoming addition of AVD and W365 PC monitoring capabilities, Goliath has expanded their partnerships with Microsoft, Citrix, and Google. By investing in these strategic relationships, Goliath will continue to bring capabilities to the marketplace designed with an ease of use and price profile unmatched across the industry.

Goliath Performance Monitor 12.1.1 is now available.