Global Contract Secured by Marelli to Provide Battery Thermal Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Marelli, a global leader in automotive technology, has secured a significant contract with a major carmaker to supply Battery Thermal Plates (BTP) for future Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This essential technology for thermal energy management in electric vehicles has been developed in-house by Marelli and will be supplied to various vehicle platforms and segments in the Chinese, North American, and European markets.

The agreement, set to commence in 2024, will see approximately 5 million units of the Battery Thermal Plate delivered over the contract period. Effective thermal management of the battery is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in fully electric vehicles. The temperature of the battery significantly impacts its lifespan, driving range, propulsion system performance, and fast charging capabilities, as well as maintaining a comfortable cabin environment.

Marelli’s Battery Thermal Plate features a unique “Dot Dimples” design that facilitates optimized heat exchange, stabilizing battery cell temperatures and ensuring uniformity. This design allows for a flat product with easy integration and assembly within vehicles. High-quality materials and production technologies are utilized to guarantee durability and performance.

With in-house testing laboratories and simulation capabilities, Marelli can customize the dimple design technology to meet the specific requirements of each customer, accommodating different battery types and geometries. This highly customizable solution ranges from small to extra-large sizes.

This project is the result of global development efforts, leveraging Marelli’s R&D centers worldwide. Production facilities for the Battery Thermal Plates will be established in China, Mexico, and Romania. In addition to this technology, Marelli offers a comprehensive range of solutions for controlling and optimizing the heat balance of all vehicle systems, showcasing their expertise in heat exchange technologies for various propulsion systems.