George Massenburg’s Appearance on TeaFlix Tuesdays – McCartney Discussion

Martin Nethercutt, a multi-talented individual known for his work as a writer, singer, producer, and lover of music, is making waves in the industry. Currently serving as the Creative Director at McCartney Studios, Editor-in-Chief at McCartney Times, and Creator-in-Chief at Geist Musik, Nethercutt is also the President of McCartney Multimedia, Inc.

Hailing from Kassel, Germany, Nethercutt attended Albert-Schweitzer-Schule before making his mark in the music industry. Currently residing in Playa del Rey, Nethercutt is happily married to Ruth McCartney. With his diverse skill set and passion for music, Martin Nethercutt continues to leave his mark on the industry and inspire others with his creative talents.