Ford Sees a 60% Increase in Hybrid Sales, with EVs Surging by 129%

Ford’s hybrid sales have witnessed a significant surge of 60% recently, with electric vehicle (EV) sales also seeing a remarkable increase of 129%. The numbers were released by Ford in their sales figures for the month of April, highlighting a strong demand for EVs and hybrids in the market.

The American automaker experienced a 2.4% slump in overall sales, totaling 179,588 units last month. However, the silver lining came from the fact that Ford managed to sell 17,997 hybrids in April, marking a notable 59.5% increase from the previous year and setting a new monthly record for the company.

The success in hybrid sales can be attributed to vehicles like the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, which saw a 93.6% rise in sales, making it the best-selling full-size hybrid pickup in the U.S. The Ford Maverick, which has sold 26,061 units in the first four months of the year, emerged as the leading hybrid pickup in the country.

On the other hand, Ford’s internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered lineup faced challenges, witnessing declines in sales for models like the Bronco Sport, Edge, Escape, and Mustang. Despite the sluggish performance in ICE models, Ford managed to shine in the EV segment.

Ev sales saw a significant spike of 129.2%, with models like the Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, and E-Transit leading the charge with impressive sales figures. Lincoln, a part of the Ford family, experienced a 24.2% increase in sales, with the new Nautilus and Corsair seeing positive responses from consumers.

Overall, the strong demand for hybrids and EVs showcased in Ford’s sales figures for April underscores the growing preference for electrified vehicles in the automotive market.