Fonds d’investissement de Thiel et Buterin contribuent à 45 millions de dollars pour Polymarket

A billionaire Peter Thiel’s foundation is the major investor in Polymarket, founder Shayne Coplan revealed to CoinDesk via a Telegram message. Other participants in the funding round include Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, 1confirmation, ParaFi, and Dragonfly Capital, according to Coplan. The exact value of the company in the transaction was not disclosed.

Polymarket, a decentralized information market platform, has garnered substantial interest from notable investors, showcasing confidence in its potential for growth and innovation in the blockchain space. The support from Thiel’s foundation, alongside the involvement of key figures like Buterin, reflects a positive outlook on the future of Polymarket.

This investment round highlights the increasing prominence of decentralized finance and blockchain technology in the financial sector. With reputable investors backing Polymarket, the platform is poised for further development and expansion in the competitive crypto landscape. Stay updated for more news on Polymarket and its advancements in the decentralized information market industry.