FEELM’s Commitment as Demonstrated by Rex Zhang at ‘A Research and Innovation Update on NGPs’ Panel>

(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the recent Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum in Seoul, SMOORE Strategy Director & FEELM Chief of Staff, Rex Zhang, spoke at the panel discussion of “A Research and Innovation Update on NGPs” and provided an update on research and innovation relating of FEELM’s commitment.

Rex, the head of global strategy at SMOORE and the marketing function at its vaping division, FEELM, detailed FEELM’s advancements in sustainability and e-liquid utilisation. “FEELM’s solutions had reduced the amount of lithium materials in its vape products while increased the lifespan of its products, thus reducing the environmental impact of the disposable vapes.

“It will help us produce products that give more value to users, lasts longer, almost doubling the time before it is disposed of. Meanwhile, we are also using less materials to produce it, so by the time they are disposed the total environmental impact is smaller”, he said.

Demonstrating FEELM’s commitment to preventing underage vaping, Zhang shared several solutions from FEELM Max’s child lock. “Once an adult user puts down the vape and doesn’t use it for a while, the atomizer will automatically lock,” he explained. “If a child subsequently attempts to use it, the device will not produce vapour. To reactivate the device, an adult user must quickly puff three times within two seconds.”

In addition, Rex updated, FEELM are also working with some clients to develop child lock that are seamless, such as Bluetooth functions.

Rex also spoke about the importance of regulatory compliance and the user experience. He expressed confidence that science would demonstrate the potential of electronic nicotine devices as tobacco harm reduction tools.

Going forward, FEELM’s innovation efforts will continue to make improvements in e-liquid utilisation. Rex explained. “It is our internal thinking—the engine driving us forward to achieve more.”

He continued, “The driving force behind our innovation is to bettering lives. I believe that with such philosophy in place at the heart of everything we do, the innovation will drive itself in the right direction, and the right partners will gravitate towards us.”


As a flagship tech brand under SMOORE, FEELM is the world’s leading provider of closed vape system solutions. Harnessing the power of Ceramic Coil Heating Technology and authentic Flavor Reproduction Technology, FEELM merges innovation and electronics to deliver the ultimate sensation and a premium vaping experience.