“Experience Heavenly Treats: The Blackout Slush Float!”

Sip your way to the stars with SONIC’s latest creation: the Blackout Slush Float! Inspired by the North American Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, this limited-time treat is a blend of sweet cotton candy and dragon fruit-flavored slush, creamy soft serve, and galaxy sprinkles. Plus, each Blackout Slush Float purchase comes with a free pair of eclipse viewing glasses.

Former astronaut and lifelong SONIC superfan, Commander Terry Virts, has partnered with SONIC to provide eclipse viewing expertise. With Commander Virts’ space experience, you’ll be ready to enjoy the eclipse safely and stylishly. Some important tips include wearing approved safety glasses, finding a safe viewing spot, and observing the changes in the environment during the eclipse.

Don’t miss out on this out-of-this-world celebration! Starting March 25, head to SONIC to indulge in a Blackout Slush Float and witness the total solar eclipse on April 8. With over 3,500 SONIC locations nationwide, you can easily find this cosmic concoction to enjoy while safely witnessing this rare celestial event. Find out when the eclipse will appear in your city by visiting NASA.gov, and locate your nearest SONIC at sonicdrivein.com/locations.

Celebrate the eclipse with SONIC and enjoy a unique and tasty treat while experiencing this extraordinary astronomical event. Remember, supplies are limited, so make sure to follow safety guidelines for eclipse viewing.