Expansion of Remittance Services in Jamaica through Western Union’s Collaboration with GraceKennedy and Lynk Mobile Wallets

Western Union has expanded its digital capabilities, offering Jamaicans more options to receive cross-border remittances from around the globe. Now, Jamaicans can access Western Union money transfer services through GraceKennedy’s GKOne mobile wallet app and Lynk’s mobile wallet app, allowing for instant access to funds at any time, from anywhere.

These additions to the digital platform complement the over 200 Western Union retail locations in Jamaica, as well as the direct-to-bank account service available for receiving funds. The collaboration between Western Union, GraceKennedy, and Lynk aims to enhance consumer access to digital financial services, providing customers with more choices, convenience, and speed when receiving money from abroad.

Don Wehby, Group CEO of GraceKennedy, expressed excitement about the advancement in financial technology and customer service, highlighting the commitment to value and convenience for customers in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. Rodrigo Garcia Estebarena, President of Western Union North America and Latin America, praised the partnerships with GraceKennedy and Lynk, emphasizing the seamless integration of digital and physical worlds on a large scale in Jamaica.

Danielle Cameron Duncan, Vice President of Payments and Digital Channels at Lynk, emphasized the importance of providing customers with easy access to money received from overseas through the Lynk app. By offering 24/7 availability and eliminating the need for physical lines, the Lynk mobile wallet represents a significant advancement in transforming the remittance experience for Jamaicans.

This collaboration between Western Union, GraceKennedy, and Lynk not only provides an alternative to traditional banking and cash pickups but also contributes to increasing financial inclusion in Jamaica. By making financial services more accessible to a broader customer base, including those in remote areas, the partnership is driving forward the goal of financial empowerment and accessibility in the region.