Expansion of partnership between North American Bancard and Chargezoom

Payanywhere, a payment solution platform by North American Bancard, has recently integrated with Chargezoom, a platform for managing electronic payments and recurring billing. This integration allows Payanywhere merchants to sync their transactions seamlessly into QuickBooks Online through the Chargezoom platform. This process not only saves time for merchants but also helps reduce the risk of human error in accounting tasks.

Jim Parkinson, NAB’s Chief Experience Officer, expressed excitement about this partnership, highlighting the mission of Payanywhere to connect merchants with critical business applications. The integration with Chargezoom aims to enhance the accounting experience for merchants by streamlining sales activity through Payanywhere.

Users of NAB’s merchant portal Payments Hub can choose between a Basic Sync, which updates transactions daily at a batch level, or an Advanced Sync, which updates transactions every fifteen minutes. This flexibility allows merchants to select the plan that best suits their business needs directly from the Payments Hub platform.

Matt Dubois, CEO of Chargezoom, emphasized the significance of this integration in automating payment and accounting processes for retail merchants. He expressed commitment to simplifying payments and enabling businesses to receive payments faster and more efficiently.

For more information on this integration, interested individuals can visit the Payanywhere website. North American Bancard and Chargezoom continue to collaborate to provide innovative solutions to their customers and enhance their overall competitiveness and profitability.

North American Bancard is a payment technology innovator with a diverse product platform that offers modern payment solutions for various environments, including mobile, ecommerce, and in-store. With over 0 billion in electronic transaction volume annually, NAB aims to deliver seamless payment experiences to businesses worldwide.

Chargezoom is a leading B2B commerce platform that utilizes AI-powered data enhancement technology to redefine billing and payments for businesses. Through AR automation, Chargezoom simplifies processes, reduces manual labor, and minimizes payment friction, making it the preferred partner for Fortune 500 payment service providers and top merchant acquirers in the United States.

For more details about North American Bancard and Chargezoom, individuals can visit their respective websites.