‘Expansion of Palmetto Citizens FCU Collaboration with NCR Atleos to Include Allpoint ATM Network’

NCR Atleos Corporation, a key player in enhancing self-service financial access, recently disclosed that Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union, with assets totaling .3 billion, has opted for Atleos’ Allpoint Network to provide enhanced convenience and options for their members.

Palmetto Citizens serves over 83,000 members in various communities throughout South Carolina. Seeking to broaden access for their members, the credit union decided to expand its successful partnership with Atleos for ATMs. By joining the Allpoint Network, Palmetto Citizens will have access to a network of over 55,000 ATMs, enabling fee-free banking transactions like cash withdrawals and deposits in convenient locations where members reside and shop.

CEO and president of Palmetto Citizens FCU, Robert Dozier, emphasized the importance of convenient access for their members, stating that the expanded partnership with Atleos will provide a larger, surcharge-free ATM network, thereby increasing geographic reach and brand exposure. The aim is to continue collaborating with Atleos to implement further enhancements, such as ITMs, to cater to members’ needs regardless of location.

Diego Navarrete, executive vice president of Global Sales for Atleos, highlighted the company’s expertise in assisting financial institutions to enhance self-service capabilities, drive operational efficiency, and meet strategic growth objectives. Atleos is known for its unrivaled ATM network, global services, and commitment to innovation, making it a valuable partner for institutions like Palmetto Citizens FCU.

About Atleos, headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, the company aims to optimize operational efficiency for financial institutions, increase foot traffic for retailers, and provide digital-first financial self-service experiences for consumers. With a workforce of 20,000 employees globally, Atleos is dedicated to improving financial access and convenience for all.

For more information about Atleos, visit their website at https://www.ncratleos.com, or follow them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.