Expanding mobile financial services in untapped markets with the Ericsson Wallet Platform and HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions

The evolution of digital financial applications is revolutionizing the way people interact with financial services, creating new opportunities for businesses in the industry. These applications offer a wide range of secure services that can be leveraged by communications service providers, fintech companies, and traditional banks looking to enhance their digital offerings. The partnership between Ericsson’s Wallet Platform and HPE’s GreenLake cloud services platform is driving the development, launch, and management of secure digital financial services in various markets.

Oded Shihor, Chief Technologist for the Ericsson Account at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Pavan Bachwal, Sales Manager for Financial Services at Ericsson, discuss how this collaboration is shaping the future of digital finance. By combining Ericsson’s expertise in financial services and HPE’s innovative cloud technology, businesses can deliver secure and reliable financial solutions to their customers.

Recorded in February 2024, this discussion sheds light on the potential of the Ericsson and HPE partnership to transform the digital financial landscape and create new opportunities for growth and innovation. With the demand for digital financial services on the rise, companies that embrace this technological shift stand to benefit from increased customer engagement and revenue generation.