Exclusive Apple Watch Award for World Meditation Day by Apple

Apple Watch users can now earn a limited-edition award to celebrate World Meditation Day. Apple regularly offers challenges and activities to promote user engagement and health awareness.

To obtain the exclusive Apple Watch award for World Meditation Day, users must record at least five mindful minutes using the Mindfulness app or any other app that tracks mindful activity on the Health app.

According to Apple, mindfulness involves actively paying attention to the present moment. It encourages individuals to observe their thoughts and emotions without judgment, allowing them to live in the moment and fully experience life.

The latest iOS 17 and watchOS 10 releases from Apple have placed a stronger emphasis on mental health awareness. Users of iPhones and Apple Watches now have access to a range of new features designed to support mental wellbeing.

The Health app enables users to log their mood by selecting from engaging visual options that reflect their emotions throughout the day. It also allows users to track how their mood relates to various lifestyle factors.

Additionally, a new Mental Wellbeing section in the Health app allows users to track feelings of anxiety or depression. This feature can help individuals assess their mental health status and determine if professional help is needed.