‘Exciting New Features in the Upcoming Summer ’24 Salesforce Release’

Salesforce has unveiled the preview for its Summer ʼ24 release, marking the introduction of numerous new features. These features, set to be available on June 17, 2023, include connected data and generative AI capabilities that promise to revolutionize how companies operate.

The highlight of the Summer ʼ24 release is the expansion of the Bring Your Own LLM, which facilitates the seamless connection of instances from OpenAI and Azure OpenAI LLMs to Salesforce. Furthermore, the release will also extend compatibility to include Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock models, such as Mistral, Titan, and Llama 2, among others.

A significant addition to the release is the integration of Slack AI, leveraging conversational data to enhance user productivity within the secure Slack platform. Users can now enjoy features like recaps, which deliver daily morning digests of key channels, and search answers, providing intelligent responses to conversational queries.

Another groundbreaking feature is the Zero Copy Integration with Amazon Redshift, enhancing data sharing between Data Cloud and Amazon Redshift. This integration allows teams to access data seamlessly from its source location, ensuring immediate updates across the platform when changes occur.

Moreover, the release introduces the Data Cloud Vector Database, which aggregates and indexes structured and unstructured data to power automation, analytics, search, and AI functionalities within Salesforce.

Additionally, Data Cloud for Commerce enables businesses to drive revenue growth through real-time analytics, automation, and personalization, leveraging a wealth of Commerce data to make informed decisions quickly.

Furthermore, the release includes the Digital Wallet feature, offering customers visibility into their consumption-based products to optimize spending and identify purchasing trends over time.

To explore these features in detail and discover more advancements, visit the official Salesforce Summer ʼ24 release page. The groundbreaking capabilities introduced in this release promise to transform the way companies operate, enhancing productivity, data security, and customer engagement.