Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A New Camera In 2024

There are various types of cameras available, each having specific pros and cons. For example, DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras use a single lens for photography and typically include plenty of manual controls. They have larger sensors, which capture sharper images. The downside is that they’re can be pretty heavy and bulky, which means carrying them around takes some preparation.

There are also mirrorless cameras available, and they’re typically lighter than a DSLR but still capture great images with excellent detail. These cameras have a range of capabilities like in-built autofocus systems, touchscreen live views, and in-body image stabilization, to name a few. However, they have limited battery capacity and can be quite expensive.

You also have action cameras, which are waterproof and built for rugged use. A popular action camera brand that you’ve likely come across is GoPro. These cameras, as the name suggests, are primarily used to capture video footage during outdoor activities. While these cameras are a great buy if you’re into extreme sports and adventure activities, you’ll need to temper your expectations when it comes to battery life and audio quality.

Point-and-shoot cameras are still around as well. These cameras have fixed lenses and small dimensions and are fairly user-friendly; these factors make them well-suited for beginners. However, they lack the advanced features that the other camera types come with, so they may not be worth the purchase, especially if your smartphone can capture decent photos.