Enjoy Better Living With A Personalized Aqara Smart Home

Rather than focusing on a single niche, Aqara offers a wide range of smart home devices across more than 30 different categories. By mixing and matching these various Aqara solutions, you have the flexibility to discover endless creative ways to automate and control your home.

Personalize the illumination in your home with Aqara’s multicolor LED Strips or its Ceiling Light, which can provide gradient effects and circling lights in 16 million different colors in a wide range of cool-to-warm temperatures (2700-6500K). Monitor the outside of your home with Aqara’s smart wireless video doorbell, which doesn’t require a subscription, or ditch the inconvenience of physical keys with Aqara’s smart lock, which includes a built-in keypad and fingerprint reader, auto lock, and emergency unlock features.

Even your pets can take advantage of Aqara’s smart home solutions, with a smart pet feeder that lets you schedule and remotely feed your furry loved ones while also keeping track of how much they’re eating down to the gram. With both rod and track drivers, Aqara can even automate the opening and closing of your curtains, bringing in sunlight to help you wake up naturally or closing them while you’re away to make the heating and cooling of your home more efficient.

The brand also makes multiple smart home controllers and smart home sensors to customize exactly how you’d like to automate and remote control your home and optimize the way Aqara monitors important information such as room temperature, smoke levels, motion detection, and more. Aqara even offers several choices when choosing which Aqara hub you’d like to center your smart home around to best suit your particular needs, including hubs combined with smart speakers and security cameras.