Enhancing User Experiences with Mastercard’s Open Banking Solutions in Collaboration with Atomic

Mastercard, a leader in the payments industry, has introduced Deposit Switch and Bill Pay Switch to its open banking platform. This new integration allows consumers to easily switch their direct deposits and update recurring bill payments when opening a digital account or updating existing account information.

In collaboration with Atomic, a payroll and merchant connectivity solution provider, Mastercard’s open banking solutions offer customers access to a range of account opening and funding solutions through open banking, payroll, and merchant data connections.

A recent study revealed that automated deposit switching is a highly sought-after feature by consumers. Traditional processes involving manual paperwork and long wait times for HR processes to clear are no longer appealing to consumers.

Recognizing the demand for change, Mastercard’s Deposit Switch solution streamlines the process by automatically directing payroll deposits to a new or existing bank account without the need for manual paperwork. This solution also allows consumers to update or redirect their deposit allocations in real-time by connecting to top payroll systems in the US.

On the other hand, the Bill Pay Switch solution empowers consumers to add or update payment credentials with their regular merchants and billers, such as subscription providers, utilities, and insurance companies. By utilizing TrueAuth technology from Atomic, this solution enhances the digital banking experience for consumers.

Silvana Hernandez, Executive Vice President for Mastercard in North America, highlighted the importance of offering simplified and modernized processes for tasks like rerouting direct deposits and paying bills. With Gen Z favoring debit as a payment method for daily expenses, providing a seamless online banking experience through open banking connectivity can help financial institutions establish account primacy.

Mastercard anticipates that the Deposit Switch and Bill Pay Switch solutions will be available later this year, aiming to help financial institutions boost deposits, build primary relationships with customers, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

By collaborating with Mastercard, Atomic aims to empower consumers to manage their finances effectively and alleviate common pain points. This collaboration leverages advanced payroll and merchant connectivity to enhance user experiences and offer smarter financial solutions.

Overall, Mastercard’s new open banking solutions are poised to improve customer engagement and increase top-of-wallet spending for financial institutions looking to adapt to the evolving payments landscape.