‘Enhanced payment security with Adyen and Cover Genius partnership’

Adyen, a leading global financial technology platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Cover Genius, a cutting-edge insurtech company specializing in embedded protection solutions. This collaboration is set to bolster Cover Genius’ payment processing capabilities across various regions, including the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

In a bid to optimize online transaction approvals, Adyen will act as one of Cover Genius’ payment processing partners, enabling the seamless integration of local payment methods into the insurtech company’s platform. By leveraging Adyen’s payment processing expertise, Cover Genius aims to enhance approval rates for online transactions, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Recognizing the need for a financial technology partner capable of supporting diverse local payment methods on a global scale, Cover Genius has teamed up with Adyen to expand its reach and offer secure payment options to customers worldwide.

A standout feature of this partnership is the incorporation of Adyen’s fraud and security solution, 3D Secure. This innovative technology harnesses an authentication engine driven by machine learning to assess transaction risk levels and determine the appropriate level of authentication needed. By striking a harmonious balance between security and user convenience, Adyen’s 3D Secure solution endeavors to boost transaction approval rates while ensuring a seamless payment experience for customers.

Hayley Fisher, Adyen Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, commented on the collaboration, emphasizing the growing importance of digital experiences and innovation in the insurance sector. Fisher expressed excitement about partnering with Cover Genius to elevate the customer experience and enhance operational efficiency.

The alliance between Adyen and Cover Genius signifies a significant step towards improving the end customer payment experience on a global scale. Through this partnership, both companies look forward to driving innovation, delivering value, and providing an unparalleled customer journey in the realm of financial technology and insurance solutions.