Eastern Europe’s Digital Environment

The digital evolution in Eastern Europe is continuing to thrive, with public and private investments driving technological innovations in the region. Consumers are increasingly embracing digital services, with mobile devices playing a crucial role in this transition.

Smartphones have become vital everyday devices for many, providing instant access to services and activities on the go. Consumers are shifting towards mobile internet usage due to the convenience and speed that smartphones offer.

Innovative digital payment systems, such as the one launched by Polish fintech PayEye, are revolutionizing the way consumers make payments. PayEye allows users to pay by scanning their iris, enhancing security and efficiency in transactions.

The retail sector emerged as a “winner” during the pandemic, as e-commerce saw a significant boost with consumers staying at home and opting for digital payments for hygiene and safety reasons.

The rollout of 5G technology in Eastern Europe is set to further drive the digital landscape’s development. With ambitious plans from legislators and network operators, the region is poised to unlock new digital opportunities and drive continued growth. However, upgrades to mobile devices will be necessary to fully exploit the benefits of 5G connectivity.