Dodge Dealers Thrilled That 2024 Charger Offers Both EV And ICE

Dodge Dealers Thrilled That 2024 Charger Offers Both EV And ICE | Carscoops

The 2024 Dodge Charger may convince muscle cars fans to go electric, and EV buyers to consider a muscle car, dealers believe

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 Dodge Dealers Thrilled That 2024 Charger Offers Both EV And ICE

The path to mainstream success for electric vehicles has been bumpy, and dealers have resisted being required to sell them, whether the mandates come from automakers or the government itself. However, Dodge has found a way to navigate the transition to EVs that has its dealers excited.

The company’s strategy has been revealed with the 2024 Charger. Although Dodge chose to focus and release the electric version of the car first, an internal combustion version with a turbocharged straight-six will soon be available.

The company’s CEO, Tim Kuniskis, said at the vehicle’s launch that Dodge was looking to build a car that would appeal both to people on America’s coasts, who are interested in EVs, and in the middle of the country, where the transition is happening more slowly. And that has dealers excited.

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“We’re all in transition — we all know that. I think the beauty of it is the way Stellantis did it,” Kevin Farrish, chairman of the Stellantis National Dealer Council, told Autonews. “You have a choice.”

He agrees that the Charger will appeal both to people who are excited about electric vehicles, and to those who are turned off them by the “inconvenience at times of charging.” And he’s not alone. Michael Harrington, the general manager of Huntington Beach Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram, believes that companies have to let customers make their own decision.

“I understand that the EV is important and transitioning there is somewhere where we need to be, but at the same time, it’s simple economics — supply and demand,” Harrington said. “The consumers haven’t completely got there yet, so it’s exciting to have a couple of different options.”

Others, like Adam Lee, chairman of Lee Auto Mall in Maine, think that 2024 Charger may convince people to make the change to electric power, simply by offering them the choice.

“When you drive an electric car, whether it’s a Tesla or something else, it’s a thrill when you step on it,” said Lee. “Even gas-powered cars, not many cars can do zero to 60 in 3 seconds. Before you rule it out, go try it and I think you’ll find it’s really a thrill.”

And it won’t just be Charger fans becoming convinced to try an EV. Dealers believe that EV fans will be convinced to try a Charger because of the vehicle’s twin powertrains. That’s why Farrish says he’s grateful that Dodge has provided consumers with the choice of both electric motors and internal combustion engines.

 Dodge Dealers Thrilled That 2024 Charger Offers Both EV And ICE