Digital Check Corp. Introduces Two Next-Generation Check Scanners for the Global Market>

(BUSINESS WIRE) — Digital Check Corp., the world’s largest manufacturer of check scanners and related technology, announced two major new products that continue the legacy of its best-selling teller capture and remote deposit check scanners.

The TellerScan TS250 scanner is a high-speed, multi-feed platform intended as the successor to the TellerScan TS240, while also incorporating features from Digital Check’s popular SmartSource Elite series. In addition to higher document scan speeds, the TS250 incorporates full-color ID card scanning, automated cleaning, and improved 600 dpi image sensors.

The TS250 supports multiple APIs and also operates over either a standard USB connection or as a network device using Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) technology. It can change between USB and network operation with a button-press sequence using Digital Check’s new SimpleSwitch system.

The CheXpress CX35 scanner is a new, single-feed remote deposit scanner based on the CheXpress CX30, which with nearly a million units sold, remains the best-selling RDC scanner of all time. The CX35 also adds automated cleaning and improved sensors, and optional RNDIS connectivity, which adds onboard network capability to the CheXpress series for the first time.

When operating in RNDIS mode, both scanners offer zero-footprint operation, in which no driver or API needs to be installed on the host computer. That eliminates many installation and compatibility issues, especially with macOS and Linux environments.

“The CheXpress CX35 and TellerScan TS250 represent major improvements to two proven devices that have remained at the top of their respective market segments for nearly fifteen years,” says Michael Donovan, Digital Check’s vice president of global sales. “By retaining what made their predecessors so successful and incorporating more than a decade’s worth of new advances, we aim to deliver solutions that will satisfy customer needs for many more years to come.”

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