Details of Airdrop Revealed on Ethereum’s Layer-2 Network Blast

Blast, a prominent Ethereum layer-2 scaling network founded by the creator of NFT marketplace Blur, has officially announced the launch date for its upcoming BLAST token airdrop: June 26. The delay in the launch was acknowledged by the network on Twitter, with the assurance that the airdrop allocation will be increased to compensate for the delay.

Prior to the token launch, Blast will conduct two more distributions of Blast Gold points. These points function as airdrop points for decentralized apps (dapps) creators working on the network. Several dapps have already distributed their Blast Gold points, including Fantasy Top, a popular NFT game centered around Crypto Twitter influencers.

Half of the token airdrop will be designated for developers through Blast Gold, while the other half will be distributed to early network users, including those who transferred funds to the network before the Blast mainnet went live in February. Users had bridged over .3 billion worth of crypto in anticipation of earning points towards the airdrop.

Blast’s appeal lies in its strong user incentives, akin to Blur, which distributed 8 million worth of tokens to traders in 2023, propelling the platform to become the second most valuable airdrop of the previous year. The network has experienced a surge in momentum with its early apps, games, and tokens, particularly Fantasy Top and Pacmoon, a meme coin driven by viral content creation incentives that recently reached an all-time high price.

The launch of the Blast airdrop on June 26 signifies another milestone for the network, which continues to attract attention and engagement from the crypto community.