‘Decoding MiCA: Essential Information for Middle Eastern Companies’

Our global crypto regulation team will be hosting a webinar to discuss the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA), a significant piece of European legislation set to take effect by the end of 2024. This webinar will be valuable for crypto-asset firms in the Middle East seeking to offer services to EU clients.

Whether you are a crypto-asset service provider, issuer, or investor, this session will offer insights on navigating this comprehensive regulatory framework. The discussion will also touch on key cross-border issues related to the upcoming UK regime for crypto-assets. Topics to be covered include:

– Understanding the provisions and scope of the regulation.
– Exploring the regulatory framework for providing services in crypto-assets, authorization requirements, and limits of reverse solicitation.
– Navigating stablecoin regulations under MiCA.
– Explaining the cross-border implications of the upcoming UK regime for crypto-assets.
– Addressing specific challenges and opportunities for firms in the Middle East.

The webinar will conclude with a brief Q&A session, so participants are encouraged to come prepared with their questions.