‘DallasGo: The City’s New Online Payment Platform’

Dallas residents will soon have access to the new online payment platform, DallasGo, starting on Monday, March 25. This platform will replace the existing payment system and offer enhanced functionality for customers to easily pay their bills to Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) and other City of Dallas services.

DallasGo will provide customers with the ability to view bills, set up secure automatic payments, change payment methods, and review account information with ease. Additionally, DallasGo offers a convenient Guest Pay feature for one-time payments without the need to create a profile or log in.

Sarah Standifer, interim director of Dallas Water Utilities, expressed excitement about the launch of DallasGo, highlighting its role in improving customer experience and aligning with the city’s technology strategy.

During the transition to DallasGo, online and telephone payment options will be temporarily unavailable from Thursday, March 21, at 6 p.m. until Monday, March 25, at 8 a.m. Customers can still make payments by mail, in person at Dallas City Hall, at authorized payment stations, or through other alternative methods during this period.

Existing online account holders will receive an email to activate their DallasGo profile, while those enrolled in AutoPay will need to re-enroll on DallasGo to continue using this feature. AutoPay customers have been informed through targeted postcards about the re-enrollment process. Notably, there are no fees associated with using the new payment platform.

For customers who prefer not to utilize the DallasGo online platform, alternative payment methods such as mail, phone, in-person payments, authorized pay stations, or a drop box at City Hall are still available.

For more information on DallasGo, visit the official website or contact DWU Customer Service during business hours. Dallas residents can look forward to a simpler and more efficient way to manage their payments with the introduction of DallasGo.