CyberProtonics Launches Lightweight Quantum-Resistant Cryptosystem, Lands Simplifi OEM Deal

For some
time, analysts have been warning that Steal Now, Decrypt Later (SNDL) players
are stealing and harvesting data ahead of post-quantum cryptography (PQC).

not actively working to protect their organization against quantum era threats
is likely condemning it to an ultimate doom loop
,” said analyst Chris
Steffen, VP with Enterprise Management Associates.

A new layer
of protection against SNDL has just launched with CyberProtonics introduction of a lightweight, software-based
cryptosystem that geared to make quantum-readiness practical and affordable. The
advanced cryptosystem clocks in at encryption speeds of 512 bits to up to 10K
bits, rendering data useless when a breach occurs.

also today announced it’s landed a major OEM agreement with Simplifi, leaders in secure remote computing.

Simplifi CEO
Nick Shevillo said: “Many of our cellular carrier partners, government
agencies, and Fortune 100 companies are interested in our new Connect 3 fixed
wireless router for WFH employees. Embedded with CyberProtonics’
quantum-resistant cryptosystem, our products provide next-level gateway
security for all network traffic at the router.”

and plug-and-play features allow its cryptosystem to seamlessly integrate in
all types of applications, including IoT, e-sim, and generative AI Private
Large Language Models (PLLMs), as well as defense, satellite and industrial
control environments. CyberProtonics protects data at rest and in transit,
without performance impacts, and is recognized as the first truly lightweight
quantum-resistant commercial solution for rendering stolen data completely

we’re seeing an easy solution that provides end-to-end quantum-resistant
encryption at rest and in transit to counter today’s pernicious cyberattacks and
alleviate impeding Q-day fears,” said Chris Steffen, VP, Enterprise Management

Quantum-Resistant Security

looks to bring an affordable additional layer of quantum-resistant security to
the source where data is created to protect legacy, current, and future
cybersecurity system architectures, networks, and devices.  Among applications are:   

from Home
: Employees
continue to work from home, and cybersecurity is more important than ever for
the hybrid workforce. CyberProtonics keeps confidential work data secure, at
rest or in transit.

of Things (IoT)
CyberProtonics’ cybersecurity protocols protect IoT devices and networks from
the latest threats with reliable and robust security.

: Large Language Models that
companies want to keep private are protected by CyberProtonics’ proprietary

Defense: CyberProtonics’ 512-bit to 10k-bit
encryption protects data at rest or in transit in theaters of operations,
supporting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), wearable devices, connected
vehicles, smart infrastructure, and portable communications.

Satellite: End-to-end encryption in the ground
terminal and in the satellite itself safeguards transmissions, ensuring data
security and confidentiality.

Control Panel
Protects critical infrastructure with next-generation quantum-resistance
technology, designed to ensure reliable and resilient security for factories,
power plants, and wastewater treatment facilities.

: Banking and
finance, healthcare, hyperconnected commerce, and more.

CyberProtonics’ proprietary
software employs a robust licensing engine for both connected and air-gapped
models and solutions, with varying time periods and iterations. It delivers:

  • Strength:
    Post-quantum symmetric key-based encryption, with key lengths of 512 bits,
    increasing up to 10k bits.
  • Speed:
    Lightning-fast operation does not affect a device’s computing or memory cycles,
    even for the smallest sensor or IoT device.
  • Size:
    The lightweight footprint of CyberProtonics’ cryptosystem’s binary runtime
    enables end-to-end encryption at the data generation source, with single-digit
    MB of code.
  • Security:
    Encryption of data in transit and at rest for both on-premises legacy systems
    and modern secure access service edge.
  • Breach
    Immunity and Unwavering Compliance:
    Valuable data is made useless. Full
    compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA,
    PCI DSS, and SOX is automatic and assured.
  • Market-Proven
    Symmetric key encryption optimized for small footprint applications
    (crucial for IoT devices), stronger than any currently deployed application of
    AES, RSA, or ChaCha20. Fully automated key management that eliminates manual
    key distribution human errors. C language callable APIs.

CyberProtonics CEO and Founder Greg
Welch said: “We’re on a mission to encrypt all data to ensure it never falls
into the wrong hands, rendering breached data useless to malicious actors,
hostile nation states and their proxies. Innovators, users, regulators, and
OEMs need and deserve affordability, speed, and performance in data protection
that’s accessible anywhere, any place, and protects every time. CyberProtonics
immediately turns the organization’s diamonds of data into coal, unusable by
anyone except those intended.”