Customers Enjoy Summer Celebrations with Taco, Toy, and Cookie Mobile ATMs

Fallon is shaking up the traditional ATM experience with their new Mobile ATMs, starting this week in Seattle. These ATMs are not your typical money-dispensing machines; instead, they offer a unique and tailored experience with options like an Automated Taco Machine, an Automated Toy Machine, and an Automated Thank You Machine (complete with cookies).

The rollout of these Mobile ATMs is part of Fallon’s “Meet you in the moment” campaign, which focuses on connecting with clients in their everyday lives. Whether it’s a major life event like a wedding or a simple gesture like providing a taco after a night out, Fallon is all about meeting clients where they are and anticipating their needs.

Throughout the summer, Fallon will be traveling across the US, stopping in cities like Buffalo/Rochester, Albany, Denver, Syracuse, and Cleveland. The goal is to engage with clients in a fun and unexpected way, offering treats and toys to brighten their day.

Patty Jurca, chief marketing officer at KeyBank, expressed gratitude for their clients and the positive impact they have on their communities. The Automated Thank You Machine is a way to show appreciation for their support of local businesses and their dedication to making their hometowns stronger.

Melissa Hoke, group creative director at Fallon, highlighted the unique connection that these Mobile ATMs create with clients. By offering surprising and personalized experiences, the ATMs go beyond simple transactions and focus on building relationships.

These Mobile ATMs are fully functional, complete with screens, withdrawals, and receipts. They will be traveling around on electric bikes, ready to dispense treats and bring smiles to clients’ faces. So if you happen to spot a Mobile ATM in your city, be sure to stop by for a delightful and unexpected surprise.