Create Your Own Emoji with Genmoji on iOS 18

Apple’s latest iOS 18 operating system for iPhone introduces a new AI feature for the Messages app called “Genmoji.” This feature allows users to create their own emoji characters to send to friends and family, making conversations more personalized and fun.

With Genmoji, iPhone users can simply use prompts like “t-rex wearing a tutu on a surfboard” to generate unique emoji characters instantly. This is just one of many Apple Intelligence AI features included in iOS 18.

In addition to Genmoji, iOS 18 will also include a range of new emoji characters from the Unicode Consortium. Seven new emoji characters have been previewed, including a face with bags under eyes, a fingerprint, a leafless tree, a harp, a root vegetable, a shovel, and a splatter. These new emojis are expected to receive approval and be added to iOS 18 in a later update.

The beta review period for these emojis will last until July 2nd, after which Unicode 16 will be released. It is likely that the new emoji characters will be included in an iOS 18 milestone release (iOS 18 x.x) in late 2024 or early 2025, rather than in the initial release in the fall.

Apple has a history of bringing new emoji characters to iPhone users through updates, with the most recent being in iOS 17.4 released in March. If the timeline remains consistent, iOS 18.4 could be the update that introduces these new emoji characters to iPhone users worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of these fun and expressive emoji characters.