There’s been a lot of talk about the AI capabilities under development at Apple right now. The iOS 18 release date is looking to be out sometime in September. The new Apple iOS 18 features have a lot of heat right now, and the best guess at iOS Features and rumors are listed farther below.



iOS 18 Release Date

For about a decade, the new iOS release has been in September, usually  in the middle of the month. It should have an announcement date during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is usually in the first or second week of June. 



iOS 18 News

Perhaps the most exciting potential is that there will be a lot of AI features this time around, and it’s a good bet that the new AI features will be run on your iPhone, which makes it different from Google Gemini and ChatGPT. Those AI services run on the web, on their own websites. Having the AI on your device makes things faster and more private. This fits with Apple’s privacy mantra.


According to Bloomberg, Apple considers iOS 18 to be among its most significant updates, highlighted by several new AI functionalities. Mark Gurman revealed in July that Apple has developed its proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) system, known as AppleGPT. 


This initiative is underpinned by a framework named “Ajax,” which Apple began crafting in 2022 to provide a common foundation for multiple machine learning endeavors. This Ajax framework is poised to underlie the upcoming AI enhancements across all Apple platforms.

Create Like a Pro: AI-Powered Tools Coming to Your iPhone with iOS 18

AI is expected to be deeply integrated into iOS 18 from Apple, impacting performance and user experience across the board. Machine learning will enhance photo and video processing, refine Spotlight search, and boost overall system efficiency.

Apple iOS 18 Features

This is the best list of estimations on what will be released.

  • AI-driven wellness coaching integrated within Apple Health and Apple Watch.

  • AI capabilities in Apple Music to create automated playlists.

  • An Apple GPT tool similar to ChatGPT from OpenAI and Google Gemini

  • A video creation or animation creation tool based on its Keyframer framework.

  • Integration of AI into Pages, Keynote, and Numbers for enhanced summarization, content generation, and beyond.

  • Photo editing via text commands, similar to DALLE-3, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

  • An updated version of Siri 

  • A more sophisticated Spotlight Search powered by generative AI, capable of handling intricate tasks.

  • An updated Siri version utilizing advanced large language model technology, akin to ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini.

  • AI advancements in Xcode to support code completion, application testing, and additional functionalities.


It remains to be seen which of these speculated AI features have a release date of this year.


Considering the number of rumored AI functionalities, it’s unlikely that all will be ready for this year’s release. So that means that some of this will be launched in the iOS release date, while others will follow at a later date

It’s presumed that Apple is developing these features (among others) and will narrow down the list to be included in iOS 18. Features that are not incorporated may be introduced in a subsequent iOS 18 update or with iOS 19 in 2025.