‘COTI’s Million V2 Airdrop Revealed: What to Know’

COTI Launches Million V2 Airdrop Campaign

The COTI team is gearing up to kick off the largest distribution of core utility tokens from its treasury. This strategic move is aimed at introducing COTI to a new generation of users, liquidity providers, and investors.

COTI V2 Airdrop Kicks off on March 25
The innovative Web3 infrastructure team, COTI, has recently announced the launch of a major community rewards initiative. As part of this campaign, the platform will airdrop up to 40 million COTI V2 tokens, equivalent to approximately million. The tokens will be distributed to both native and ERC-20 COTI holders, further solidifying the critical support from the platform’s dedicated community.

The COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign is set to commence on March 25, 2024, with the distribution of tokens scheduled for Q4, 2024, following the COTI V2 TGE. It is important to note that the airdrop will be in addition to existing APYs on the COTI protocol, providing further incentives for token holders.

More Users Able to Join COTI Ecosystem
Since its launch in 2022, the COTI Treasury has attracted over 500 million COTI deposits from community members looking to earn APY rewards in COTI and gCOTI cryptocurrency assets. The overwhelming support from the community has also led to the introduction of longer lock periods of 180, 270, and 360 days, starting from March 25.

Furthermore, for the first time, COTI ERC-20 token holders without VIPER wallets can participate in Treasury rewards, including APY and airdrop benefits. This move is expected to expand the reach of the COTI ecosystem and incentivize more users to engage with the platform.