Cost-effective Managed Detection and Response Services Launched in New Zealand

Instillery, a leading supplier of security and IT solutions based in New Zealand, has recently rolled out new Microsoft Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. The primary objective of this initiative is to bolster cybersecurity for a wide range of enterprises in New Zealand, especially those who have previously struggled to justify investing in cybersecurity services.

Jeremy Nees, the Chief Operating Officer at Instillery, highlighted the importance of this new project by stating, “Our goal is to bridge the gap in the New Zealand market where smaller businesses have become vulnerable to cyber breaches due to their inability to afford basic cybersecurity measures.” He further emphasized, “These innovative MDR services have been developed based on our extensive experience working closely with clients in this sector.”

The core of the recently launched MDR services revolves around Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Leveraging the abundance of Microsoft licenses held by many companies, Instillery aims to offer cost-effective, comprehensive security monitoring and response services. For instance, by utilizing a standard package like Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Instillery intends to help clients maximize their existing investments, particularly for those who may not be fully utilizing the capabilities of their licenses.

In a significant development, Sam Leggett, a former employee of CERT NZ, has joined Instillery as a Security Consultant in conjunction with the launch of the new MDR services. Nees commended CERT NZ’s exceptional support for organizations in New Zealand of all sizes, expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity to enhance cybersecurity services accessibility for businesses in the country.

The core focus of Instillery’s new suite of services is to eliminate barriers to adoption, such as high costs and a lack of awareness regarding cyber risks, in order to make cybersecurity more feasible for enterprises in New Zealand. Nees stressed, “Our services aim to lower the barriers to adoption, which are often associated with costs and understanding of risks.”

By making cybersecurity services financially accessible to small businesses, Instillery has significantly contributed to enhancing New Zealand’s overall cybersecurity landscape and empowering more enterprises to safeguard their digital assets.

In addition to MDR services, Instillery offers a comprehensive range of solutions including cloud, modern work, connectivity, managed services, and security solutions to help businesses innovate and transform. The organization’s core mission is to address complex challenges and instill confidence in its clients to enable them to thrive in the digital age.