‘Commission in Asia promotes safe cryptocurrency trading partnerships’

The Asia Cryptocurrency Commission (ACC) is dedicated to promoting secure and transparent relationships between brokers and investors through certification, dispute resolution, and compensation services. ACC works to create a safe environment for both brokers and clients, emphasizing the importance of balance and protection in the industry.

The commission has assembled a team of experts to evaluate brokers and resolve disputes with investors. Acting as a regulator and pre-trial authority, ACC ensures that decisions are made based on thorough information and provides clear instructions for resolution. Through an integrated approach, ACC combines dispute resolution with broker accreditation, with each member undergoing a rigorous process to confirm their status.

Clients can only seek the assistance of ACC if direct communication between parties fails to resolve conflicts. With 308 disputes already resolved, the commission has proven its effectiveness in facilitating fair outcomes.

ACC’s services are divided into three main areas: broker certification, dispute resolution, and compensation. These processes are interconnected, with clients only able to engage with ACC if their broker is a member. Once a broker successfully completes the certification process, ACC acts as a guarantor of their safety and certification.

The Asia Cryptocurrency Commission is committed to ensuring a transparent and secure environment for brokers and investors, providing a valuable resource for resolving disputes and upholding industry standards.