Combining Real-World Actors and Locations with Sora AI-Generated Videos

The Toronto-based production company and band known as the shy kids have been making waves with their latest short film, “air head,” which was produced using OpenAI’s upcoming advanced generative video AI model, Sora. The film has received a lot of positive reviews, acknowledging its cinematic and heartfelt qualities, but there have also been some negative comments directed towards the shy kids.

In response to the feedback they received, the shy kids have released a follow-up short film titled “Deflated,” which explores the complexities of having your head in the AI cloud. This new project combines real-world actors and locations with generated videos in a more creative and intentional way than their previous Sora-produced videos.

“Deflated” serves as a commentary on the feedback from their original video and addresses the criticism they have faced for using OpenAI’s Sora model. It also delves into the impact of their sudden fame as artists, offering a self-aware and humorous take on the implications of incorporating AI into the filmmaking process.

This latest short film from the shy kids is not only entertaining and thought-provoking but also sheds light on the evolving landscape of creativity and filmmaking in the digital age. Check it out on their social channels to see how AI is shaping the future of storytelling in the industry.