Colorado dealers partner with AI platform AskOtto for Denver Auto Show

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association has partnered with inSearchX’s AskOtto.AI generative artificial intelligence platform for its 2024 Denver Auto Show, coming up April 4-7 at the Colorado Convention Center.

The collaboration is designed to strengthen auto buyer engagement and accelerate auto purchases, providing personalized vehicle recommendations, proprietary car analyses and access to vehicle services such as including insurance, trade and more.

In addition, inSearchX said, show attendees can receive discounts and incentives from participating dealers and OEMs

“AskOtto, our advanced large language model, is developed from 6 million vehicle ownership surveys and interviews,” inSearchX CEO Eric Brown said in an emailed message. “That unique data covers purchase reasons, shopping habits, pricing, dealership experiences and vehicle preferences.”

The company said AskOtto allows consumers to engage AI to reach vehicles and offers about the vehicles they have interest in, and to seek information on services for the cars they own, including insurance, finance, recalls, valuations, repair and service, while dealers can incorporate the platform’s vehicle and consumer insights into their websites, content and marketing campaigns.

Brown will be a speaker at the upcoming Auto Intel Summit + National Remarketing Conference, which is set for April 23-25 in Cary, N.C., leading a session called “How LLMs in AI Change All the Rules”.

The session will delve into the development of automotive large language models in AI and their ability to not only rewrite the rules for digital marketing, but also provide operational insights and automation.