Collaboration between Nuvei and ViaPlus to enhance payment experience.

Nuvei, a Canadian fintech company, has announced a collaboration with ViaPlus, a subsidiary of VINCI Highways, to enhance the payment experience for customers in the mobility services sector. This partnership will integrate ViaPlus’s mobility back office, known for processing and reconciling large volumes of transactions, with Nuvei’s global acquiring and processing capabilities. The aim is to provide a seamless payment experience by leveraging extensive Alternative Payment Methods integrations to manage various digital applications.

Philip Fayer, the Chair and CEO of Nuvei, emphasized the importance of offering consumers the flexibility to pay using their preferred methods at their convenience and location. This partnership reflects the growing need for modern digital experiences that prioritize user-centric payment solutions.

Nuvei continues to innovate and expand its services to cater to evolving consumer needs in the digital payments landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on Nuvei’s initiatives and collaborations in the fintech industry.