Coca-Cola Announces New K-Pop Flavor

Coca-Cola Creations has dropped its latest innovation. Known for being the soda label to introduce an AI-generated drink, Coca-Cola Creations announced Tuesday its latest flavor is Coca-Cola K-Wave. Inspired by the K-pop phenomenon, Coca-Cola says K-Wave is a fruit-flavored twist on regular Coke.

“We are excited to celebrate one of the most passionate fan communities in the world and create new experiences that we hope will bring Coca-Cola® magic to fans across the globe,” Coca-Cola global strategy head Oana Vladsaid in a press release. “In the Coke Creations spirit, the experience starts with an amazing Coca-Cola Zero Sugar taste accompanied by a dash of fruity K-Pop magic. The beverage then unlocks other experiences like the AI-powered journey for fans to customize a music video as well as the unique collaboration with JYP Entertainment and three beloved K-Pop groups.” 

The new soda flavor, despite being a limited-time offering, includes major endorsements from K-Pop stars like Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX. The flavor was also created with the help of JY Park, the founder of Seoul’s JYP Entertainment.

“The world of K-Pop exists because of the fans, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate fans’ devotion to the artists and music that they love, through this unique Creation,” Park added. “We hope fans feel the love and appreciation we have for their support through the launch of a new Coca-Cola® flavor dedicated to their fandom and digital and physical experiences that connect them even more to their favorite artists.” 

Coca-Cola K-Wave, available only in a Zero Sugar variety, will be available in the United States, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea. A frozen version will also be available in additional markets. The soda drop coincided with the release of an original song created by the three aforementioned groups titled “Like Magic.” Not even 20 hours after its release, the song’s music video has already garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube.