CIQ Offers Long-Term Support (LTS) for Rocky Linux 8.6, 8.8 and 9.2 Images Through AWS Marketplace

now extends the life of Rocky Linux point releases with CIQ long term support
(LTS) for Rocky Linux 8.6, 8.8 and 9.2 images on AWS. Through AWS Marketplace,
customers can subscribe to 24/7 access to the latest images of Rocky Linux
point releases – cloud images are engineered by CIQ for mission-critical
enterprise workloads, optimized for AWS, and integrated into CIQ Mountain for continuous access to security
and bug fixes.

CIQ LTS for Rocky Linux is a subscription service available to
anyone with an AWS account. 

Via AWS Marketplace, LTS subscribers have self-service access to
the updated images and do not need to contact CIQ or have an enterprise-level
support license to use them. LTS support for each image lasts for 18 months
after the release is retired from the open source Rocky Linux project. This
makes a CIQ LTS for Rocky Linux subscription ideal for organizations who want
to remain on their version of Rocky Linux, even when it is no longer supported
by the public project.

“CIQ wants to make it as easy as possible for organizations to
take advantage of Rocky Linux, whether they simply need the bug fixes and
security patches in the latest version of a CIQ-built Rocky Linux image, or
whether they need 24/7, personalized, full lifecycle support delivered by our
engineering team,” said Gregory M. Kurtzer, CEO of CIQ. “Now that CIQ LTS for
Rocky Linux is available on AWS Marketplace, AWS users can self-service their
Rocky Linux images whenever they’d like – no tickets to open, no license
required, just click to use the most updated version.”

CIQ also offers enterprise-level support for Rocky Linux delivered
directly from CIQ engineers. This includes escalation support, customization,
optimization, integration and professional services. This support is designed
to meet the needs of organizations that require a stable and secure operating
system with a support lifecycle that extends 10 years after each release date.
Enterprise-level support is ideal for companies that run mission-critical
applications and need to ensure that their systems are always up-to-date and
secure. It is also ideal for organizations that need a custom version of Rocky
Linux for a particular use case; CIQ will create that custom offering and
support it as if it were the base Rocky Linux.