Chrysler’s Sci-Fi EV Concept Uses Wireless Charging For “Unlimited Range”

Chrysler latest EV concept, the Halcyon Concept, is a far cry from any of its existing vehicles. Instead of another minivan or bulky sedan, Chrysler went ultra futuristic with this all-electric sedan concept that supports wireless charging, autonomous driving, and AI assistant features.

With so many ridiculous EV concepts these days, it takes a lot more to stand out, but Chrysler accomplishes it by claiming the potential for “unlimited range” with its Halcyon Concept. As absurd as that sounds, it could be possible once more roads adopt wireless charging infrastructure. So far, only a short section of a road in Detroit supports wireless on-the-go charging, so we’re still a long way out.

The four-door Halcyon Concept sedan technically has six doors if we’re counting the glass canopy ones.


Not Quite a Spaceship

Chrysler says it’s building the Halcyon Concept on the STLA Large Platform, which Stellantis will start using on its full-size EVs from Dodge and Jeep.

On the Halcyon, Chrsyler included a windshield that stretches to the front of the EV, making it look like a spaceship cockpit for the driver and passenger. Chrysler even removed the side view and rear view mirrors and replaced them with cameras. To fully commit to the minimalist exterior look, the Halcyon Concept doesn’t even have door handles since it uses autonomous entry.

Chrysler kept the over-the-top design going with the Halcyon Concept’s interiors since the driver can use an augmented reality heads-up display. The HUD shows you all the important info like speed and battery level, while also offering AI assistant capabilities. Along with a dashboard-wide display, there’s a 15.6-inch infotainment display that can be stowed away or swiveled around in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Even though the Halcyon Concept doesn’t look anything like Chrysler’s minivans, it still has the same functionality with its seats. The EV concept will feature the automaker’s Stow ‘n Go design where there’s a compartment at the feet of the second row that can fully fit the seat itself so you get more cargo space.

Chrysler even wants to skip a few steps of autonomous driving and head straight to Level 4, where you don’t need to step in and take over driving. Chrysler says the Halcyon Concept will use Stellantis’ STLA AutoDrive technology platform, combined with a steering wheel and pedals that retract. Even better, you can set the EV into Stargazing Mode where it reclines your seat and uses augmented reality to transform the glass canopy and windshield into a starry atmosphere.

The Halcyon concept’s Stargazing Mode lets you sit back and relax instead of driving.


The Next Big Step for EV Charging

As cool as all these features are, we’re not expecting Chrysler to release anything close to this advertised Halcyon Concept. It’s more likely that the automaker would put something like its previously teased Airflow Concept into production since it looks more like a standard SUV.

There is a chance that Chrysler could incorporate some of the Halcyon Concept’s high-tech features into its upcoming EVs. In the meantime, we’re hoping the wireless charging infrastructure in the U.S. catches on so we can eventually take advantage of an “unlimited range.”